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Pre-Sales OVER!

Your amazing support helped us LAUNCH the greatest cleats ever made for natural foot performance. We will be shipping pre-sales in March 2024!

We are ordering 500 adult cleats and 500 child cleats in the Black and White Classico colorway.

If you ordered a pre-sale and want to change your size because your child has grown, please wait until January 2024 to do a final size check. Let us know what your athlete's new size will be by replying to your order confirmation email and we will make sure you have the best size possible.

Natural Movement Will Change YOUR Game

Our patent pending cleats and basketball sneakers will help you unlock your evolutionary super powers. We have created the best tool on the market to let you gain the most out of your play, feeding your foot muscles the motion they need for strength and flexibility.

  • The three arches of the foot

  • Are held up by the muscles of the foot

  • Which are acting together to get stronger through loaded motion

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How Do Bad Cleats Set Athletes Up for Failure?

  • Dr Jen Perez - Gait Happens

    I’m so excited for natural cleats for kids because its going to bring together a world where their feet can move and splay and develop strength for the future, but also give them a shoe that they can perform in that they can cut and run on grass and run on dirt in.

    Gait Happens 
  • Dr Andy Bryant - Mount Waverly Podiatry

    Football, soccer, Aussie rules... whatever the sport that needs a cleat is... they are all seriously demanding for the feet. We get accustomed to wearing narrow boots because it's all we've known. This doesn't mean the narrow boots don't have a big part to play in stuffing up peoples feet. Finally we have an option for our children to develop with naturally functioning feet and play these sports that require cleats!

    Mount Waverly Podiatry 
  • Michelle Bergeron - Physical Therapist

    Cleats are a necessary evil for sport because even though they’re not good for your feet the cleats actually provide a lot of traction for when you’re running fast and cutting hard on the field. I’m really excited about a brand that will create a shoe that is better for the foot, allows it to splay and move and use all the muscles inside the foot but still gives you that traction, that security, for when you are playing hard.

    Michelle's Practice