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Natur Athletics

Kids Raven Velcro Sneakers Night Vision

Kids Raven Velcro Sneakers Night Vision

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The perfect wide sneakers to keep your little ones on track with their natural foot development. We give the bones of developing feet the room they need to build the unique architecture of our three muscular foot arches. The flexible and grippy soles of our shoes will give the muscles of the foot the motion they need to gain strength and flexibility. Elastic laces and a velcro enclosure help little ones gain independence, making it easy to take on and off.


Breathable mesh upper

Grippy rubber sole

Durable toe cap for all day play


Weight Pair: 380 g or 13.38 oz (Size 1Y)

Care Instructions

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The Natur Advantage

Our shoes were designed to give you an advantage over the competition. Minimalist shoes and proper coaching help to give athletes superior balance, running form, and jumping ability vs youth athletes in traditional cushioned motion control shoes.

Your practice, play, and competition will strengthen your feet, building the essential strength, flexibility, and endurance needed for a rock-solid foundation.

Get a leg up on the competion with the Natur advantage today.

  • Wide Toe-Box

    Our wide toe-box will give plenty of toes to spread out but not too much that feet will slip around. You can even fit in a pair of your favorite toe spacers for added splay. Just right!

  • Flat/Flexible Soles

    Our shoes feature no heel to toe drop (raised heel), no toe spring (raised sloping toe-box), and no stiff arch supports. Put it all together and you have naturallty flexible soles that will give feet the motion they need for a strong foundation.

Our Shoes are the best TOOL for athletic development of the foot

*Wearing Natur Athletics footwear alone will not prevent injury in young athletes. Our footwear is meant to be a tool to be used to help young athletes be in the best position to reap the benefits of enhanced neuromuscular control in the prevention of non-contact joint injuries to the lower kinetic chain. Proper coaching, training, and exercise is necessary for young athletes to learn how to best strengthen and move their feet and body in order to reap the full measure of injury prevention benefits.*